YAY! Changing Oil With Customer Service


So the 'change oil' sign came on in my car. Later that day, I was on Harlem Street in Oak Park, Illinois and saw a Jiffy Lube so I pulled in. Ooops, too late I saw the EXIT sign. I had entered the wrong way. Now, Harlem is a real busy street and it was impossible to reverse and turn around.  I was discombobulated, but IMMEDIATELY, a young man came to my assistance and said,

"I'll take it from it here!"

He smiled, opened the door, and I got out feeling much relieved.


He took the car away and I walked towards the office....where another man quickly got there before me to OPEN the door. Wow, I thought, this is amazing service! He followed me into the office and asked what I needed and took down details, "And there's coffee," he pointed to the coffee station." And, again, I thought, Wow! These people are great! Instead of some old, burned coffee on its last legs there was a single-serve coffee system where every cup is freshly made just for you, "...and there's magazines over here while you wait," he added.


And the magazines were the gossipy kind I love to read but don't want to spend money on. Plus they were up-to-date, clean and organized not like some places where they're so dirty and torn I want to wear gloves to turn a page.


Now, I've been into many different oil change places, including other Jiffy Lubes, but this one blew me away. Everyone was so POLITE! So INFORMATIVE. So HELPFUL. So RESPECTFUL! PLUS I felt my old car would be well taken care of.


After about 10 minutes "my guy" as I now thought of him, opened the door, and said, "We've checked the oil and..." then he went over a list of other things that needed service. I drive an old car, so I knew there would be some other things that needed attention. But here's the thing. If I hadn't had the great service, I'm not sure I would have taken the time to listen. I would have thought, "yeah, yeah, yeah...of course you've found other things wrong...you want to make money!" But I didn't think that. Because of the great service I received I was willing to listen and pay for some other things.


When I left, I felt my old car was driving much better, like she'd had a face lift. All my brakes were working PERFECTLY, the air conditioning was wonderful, and the wind screen wipers were updated. Yes, it cost me more than I had expected, but not that much more, PLUS I FELT GREAT! I'd had wonderful service and I trusted that my car was taken care of in the best way.


OH AND YEAH...I WILL GO BACK AGAIN! They're my Go To Jiffy Lube.

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Val has written several books published by McGraw-Hill including: The Winner’s Attitude, Super Service 1st & 2nd editions, The Customer Service Manager’s Toolkit, OPEN Question Selling and Business Improv.

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