Our High Performing Teamwork

We are a high performing team that provides transformational workshops across the globe. Please allow us to introduce you to these professionals. Located all over the country, our teamwork provides cost effective solutions for you.

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Because we have been working with the top Fortune 500 companies for over 30 years, the “buzz” about our good name and reputation has spread far and wide.

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We Love What We Do

“It’s all about the people.” That’s what Jeff said to Val when they cofounded MJ Learning, back in 1985. I'm a second generation consultant and I am still inspired by those words today.

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The Power of Engaged Employees

One of the best ways to improve profitability is to improve employee productivity. Payroll is typically 40% of a company’s expenditures; any increase in productivity is pure profit. Top performers are engaged.

Engaged Employees Enhance  Your Bottom Line.

Shift Behavior and Create High Performing Teamwork

We know that most employees CAN do a great job, and usually say and do the right thing…it’s a matter of WILL they?

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White Papers

These white papers quantify our client’s results from Fortune 500 companies.  These manifestos solved particular problems from how to create a customer centered culture to how to grow your sales.

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It’s hard to ‘toot’ your own horn without sounding pretentious, so please read what some of our satisfied and credible clients have to say.

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