With over 50 courses ranging in length and delivery, we can customize the learning for your specific needs.

Learning Labs

  • Provides 44 weeks of business topics skills and tools to enrich working life.
  • Creates an on-going atmosphere of learning, insight and growth.
  • Helps individuals focus and use best practices.
  • Reinforces the use of the tools, skills and strategies learned in prior workshops.
  • Enables managers and supervisor’s to continue the conversation of growth.
  • Utilizes a tracking system to accurately evaluate individual’s performance and measure team performance.
  • On-going communication and collaboration with in and across teams.


Business Improvisation

  • Communicates in real time in an assertive and solutions orientated way.
  • Creates a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere.
  • Builds trusting teams by being credible, reliable and emotionally intelligent.
  • Demonstrates quick thinking and reacts to challenges in a positive mindful manner.
  • Is confident in presenting skills.
  • Turns individuals, teams and the organization into the Hero.


Change and Innovation

  • Has a strong record in strategic thinking and decision-making.
  • Pro-actively embraces change and is a change catalyst for others.
  • Operates with flexibility and takes action in the face of ambiguity and uncertainty.
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude in all situations and motivates others to follow despite unknown factors.
  • Encourages entrepreneurial thinking and behavior when appropriate.
  • Fully understands business context and how to innovate, leverage and drive new opportunities.
  • Inspires and encourages calculated risk-taking and innovation in order to create better ways of achieving organizational objectives.


Customer Service

  • Works collaboratively with both internal and external customers.
  • Utilizes listening techniques that probe, clarify and confirm customer needs.
  • Creates standards that support a customer-centered approach to service delivery.
  • Communicates the vision for customer-centered standards.
  • Encourages others to deliver Super Service.
  • Proactively handles, monitors and resolves customer issues with a sense of urgency.
  • Understands the power of an authentic apology.
  • Handles difficult situations or upset customers in a positive and solutions orientated way.


Leadership Development

  • Articulates a vision, inspires others in every action and sets clear team objectives.
  • Takes ownership and accountability at individual, team and organizational levels.
  • Creates a diverse organization that leverages new perspectives and attracts, develops and engages multifunctional teams.
  • Builds high performance teams and facilitates teamwork and collaboration across functions.
  • Coaches and mentors others to bring out the best and leverages team strengths.
  • Demonstrates ethics, sound judgment, and honesty and trustworthiness. Embraces organizational values and ensures alignment of core competencies.
  • Manages stress by building resilience and has an excellent ability to organize and prioritize the team’s workload.
  • Demonstrates determination, persistence and consistently drives results on an individual and team basis.


Performance and Personal Impact

  • Demonstrates a high degree of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management skills. Has a clear understanding of own impact on others and demonstrates excellent leadership and influencing skills.
  • Demonstrates excellent listening skills and creates an environment that encourages two-way communication.
  • Adapts effective communication styles to engage diverse audiences.
  • Is open to receiving and giving constructive feedback.
  • Seeks opportunities to recognize and reward performance and behavior.
  • Maintains awareness of personal strengths and development opportunities. Continuously strives to develop oneself, the team and the organization.
  • Demonstrates and promotes strong cultural awareness and understanding.


Sales Development

  • Practices negotiation styles and principles: BATNA, WATNA, WAP, and the ZOPA.
  • Differentiates themselves and the organization from the competition and establishes themselves as the preferred vendor.
  • Utilizes the pyramid of power and develops key accounts to generate 80% of sales.
  • Use OPEN question selling skills to determine and clarify client’s needs.
  • Develops, sets and manages regular sales processes, standards and schedules with well-defined expectations.
  • Delivers compelling stories and messages to ensure commitment and action.
  • Understands the process of closing.
  • Proactively handles objections that support customer’s needs.