Our Vision

MJ Learning Inc. envisions a world in which every individual participates, cooperates and collaborates and every department makes effective decisions, creates practical solutions and is highly productive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professional and management development learning that accelerates positive, productive healthy work environments.

Our Objectives

  • Create partnerships to meet organizational learning objectives
  • Provide experts and content relevant to client needs
  • Deliver solutions that close performance gaps
  • Focus on individual accountability


What We Do

MJ Learning Inc. offers a portfolio of over 150 courses. Below is a partial list of training and event topics:

  • Business Improvisation
  • Customer Service
  • Change and Innovation
  • Leadership Development
  • Performance Drivers
  • Personal Impact
  • Project Management
  • Sales Development


Sustainable Training

Over 83% of any training is forgotten within weeks. That is why our success relies on sustainable training. Our Learning Labs offer on-going support after training and events. This is where best practices are used to solve daily challenges.

Learning Labs provide 44 weekly bite-sized practical work lessons.

The content is presented via audio, video and short questionnaires to ensure that managers and supervisors track the learning to build high performing teams and individuals who are continually building skills.

Publications And Media

ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX Television have all aired a special story featuring MJ Learning which focused on the state of customer loyalty, expectations and the shift in corporate customer service policies. They tackle a serious topics with humor and candor, teaching audiences to look first at what they do to make change happen, rather than wait for the other guy to make a move. With the combination of skills: Val’s writing background and Jeff’s business, in 1999, they wrote their first book Customer Service Heart and Soul. McGraw-Hill loved it but changed the title to Super Service: Seven Keys to Delivering Great Customer Service… Even When You Don’t Feel Like it!... Even When They Don’t Deserve It. Since then, hundreds of companies such as McDonalds, Siemens and Hyatt Regency have bought thousands of copies of their book. Result: Super Service, is now in its 2nd edition. With eight books to their name, their vision, “It’s all about the people” has come true. For almost 30 years, MJ Learning has changed people’s lives. It’s our passion, our purpose, our life.