Employee Engagement — It’s NOT just the Money

Employee engagement isn't just about feeling good. It helps improve revenue; retain employees and increase productivity. Let's look at Google.

Employee Engagement  Pays Off

Google is a forward thinking company. It understands the value of employee engagement. Business Insider says Google provides the following perks to Googlers (employees).

  • Healthy, never ending gourmet meals and snacks, even if you stay late
  • Juice bars around the campus--and oh yeah, it's all free
  • Google buses pick you up anywhere in the San Francisco area, and yeah, they're free too
  • Yes, you CAN bring your dog to work
  • Free fitness classes and gym, plus organized intramural sports
  • Got a new baby? Six weeks off...for the dads...18 weeks off for the moms.

Attracting the Best of Best

What does employee engagement have to do with retaining employees? Everything! Google actively engages employees. They attract top talent. According to authors of First, Break All the Rules,

Engaged organizations report 44 percent higher retention rates.

I bet they don’t have a productivity problem either. Right Management reports,

Highly engaged employees generate 29 percent more revenue. And are 50 times more likely to have customer loyalty.

No Apologies—Feelings Count

Most companies can't match the employee engagement (perks) that Google offers. But like it or not, employee emotions matter. Their airy fairy, (and dreaded word) feelings do impact on-the-job performance. That's why employee engagement training works.

When employees are not happy, that’s what they think about. Their passive aggressive, attitude affects everything. Everyone suffers. They perform just well enough not to get fired. The company gives them just enough not to leave. But there is a high cost of not paying attention to employee engagement. One study found that:

Companies with low engagement scores report a 32.7 decline.
A highly engaged workforce improved operating income by 19.2 percent during that same period.

Here's the good news

When a company values an employee, the employee values the company.

Employee Engagement provides a 44% retention rate

Employee Engagement Gets a Thumbs Up

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