How We Smell

sweet like a strawberry

sweet like a strawberry

"Granda you smell really sweet--like a strawberry." That's Zane our grandson.

"Granda you're not wearing the after-shave I love best." That's Syona our granddaughter.

I know this is not your usual blog on a business website, but really the way we smell is a big deal, especially if you are squashed together in tiny cubes. Seriously! I was holding a Critical Conversation class recently, and one of the issues, was having to tell someone they smell bad. It's not easy...but using the BEST process does make it easier.

  1. Be empathetic
  2. Exchange information
  3. Seek agreement
  4. Take action.


It begins by taking the person somewhere private, and then empathizing,

  1. Sometimes it's hard to find time to shower in the morning...I get it...
  2. I don't know how to talk about this and my objective is to not offend you...                                                         but personal hygiene issues have come up.
  3. What do you think about this, or what's been going on for you, or I'd love to hear your perspective.
  4. Okay, let's meet again next Friday at 3:00 pm and talk about how it's going.


But really we all need to take charge of how we smell and then people wouldn't have to have these critical conversations.

And I also know the other side of smells; the person who puts so much cologne on, you can hardly breathe--that doesn't work either. So what's the best way to smell? Clean! That's it. Take a shower, sing in the shower, put on some long-lasting deodorant. Do it for yourself and those around you. Perfect!