Leadership Skills Make Leaders Want to Do More

Leadership Skills Never Burn Out

Leaders love what they do and enjoy their role. They learn to step back and be the observer. In our research with CEO’s and leaders of industry we learned that

leaders don’t have burn out. They have a never-ending burn of wanting to do more. Time doesn’t matter and they want to do all sorts of things.

A leader has a need to do something really well. They want to help. They want to connect with people, with the situation and with the process. Sure they’ve all got ego’s—they want to do better, but it’s a good ego. They go home feeling great about what they’ve achieved. They don’t want to be superior and better than other people.

True leaders never say, ‘Look at how important and wonderful I am.’ They know they’re great so they don’t have to prove it.

I’ve Got Your Six!

It’s a military analogy that works well when describing Leadership Skills. In battle it’s all about the person next to you. You know they will do anything to protect, help and support you. In the military they use time. Think of twelve a clock at the top of the clock. Going forward is looking ahead and going to your twelve; and your six is behind you. You can’t see behind you because you’re going to twelve and looking ahead. So the person next to you has your back so you can go forward without any problems. Hence the expression I’ve got your six!

Leaders always have your six!

Teaching Leadership Skills

As adults we get the intellectual knowledge. We know what works and what doesn’t. We may even repeat the five steps, the ten keys and the seven pillars, but unless we feel the emotions behind the leadership skills we won’t become leaders. Leadership training that works uses proven intellectual knowledge and provides experiences, and activities that turn leadership skills into reality. Leadership skills can be learned, but for lasting transferance of knowledge the training has to engage the heart, feelings and emotions of the participants....and that all begins with the right training!

Ten Leadership Competencies

Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills Build High Performing Teams