Spacing information over time leads to higher retrieval rates of new information and seems to build stronger long-term memory (Litman & Davachi, 2008).


Over 83% of any training is forgotten within weeks. That is why our success relies on sustainable training. Our Learning Labs offer on-going support after training and events. This is where best practices are used to solve daily challenges. Learning Labs provide bite-sized practical work lessons lasting from 12 weeks to 44 weeks. Categories include:

  • Leadership Lab
  • Emotional Intelligence Lab
  • Change Lab
  • Performance Lab
  • Diversity Lab
  • Life Lab

Repeated testing is superior to repeated studying in the formation of maximum long-term memory formation (Roedieger & Karpicke, 2006).

The content is presented via audio, video and short questionnaires to ensure that managers and supervisors track the learning to build high performing teams and individuals who are continually building skills.

Our Learning Labs is one of the biggest values we provide after our programs. Many of our off-the-shelf workshops have follow-up learning to ensures best practices continue back on the job. 

We integrate the lessons with real work situations to create a new level of engagement throughout the entire organization. By repeating and focusing on the desired behavior, we continue to engage participants for real change and growth.

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