Welcome to LIFE LAB!

One of the biggest advancements that Life Academy offers participants is the on-going learning opportunity; Life Lab. It’s the follow-up to Life Academy. This is where the real learning begins back on the job when we are faced with the daily challenges and weekly obstacles. It’s where we put all the information into practice.

Every week, for 44 weeks, you will receive bite-sized pieces of information, skills and tools on relevant day-to-day business topics to help continue incremental growth. Accompanying the Life Lab content is an audio recording and a short reflective quiz. It’s all designed to be interesting, challenging to systematically improve life!

  • Emotional Intelligence

Monitor yours and other people’s feelings 

  • Manage Relationships

Build productive and effective relationships

  • Heart of The Matter

Foundation of creating loyal customers

  • Moments of Truth

Everything's an opportunity

  • Self-Awareness

Gauge the Mood

  • Emotional Coaching

Resolve differences and solve problems

  • Serving Up Your Best

Do the best job

  • Connect Heart & Soul

Experiencing the whole customer

  • Maintain Self-Esteem

Enhance self-esteem

  • Communicate Assertively

Getting and giving information

  • Working With Diversity

Knowledge + Acceptance

  • Build On Satisfaction

Added value

  • Be Specific

Getting to the source of customers’ needs

  • Ways To Say Yes

The "Yes and..." approach

  • Reach Agreement

Two ways to live your life…

  • Take Action

Finish projects

  • Unhappy Customers

How do you handle customers from Hell!

  • Take Responsibility

Making "I" statements

  • Focus on Intent

Build Accountable Teams

  • Being Grateful

Turn you and your customers day around

  • Handling Stress

A positive look at stress

  • Dealing With Anger

Internally and Externally

  • Zone of Control

Freeze Frame Technique

  • Personality Styles

Discover your social and assertive style

  • Brain Talk

You and your three brains...

  • Focus on Behavior

Do not focus on  personality

  • Ways To Motivate

Adapt positive self-talk

  • Understanding People

Interact with different personalities

  • Indifference

The cost and effects of  losing a customer

  • Comfort Zone

Step outside of your habits

  • Actively Listen

Listening patterns that work

  • Unwelcome Information

Do two things...

  • Check Understanding

The six steps

  • Event, Event, Event

Uncover the REAL problem

  • Up Selling

Offer what people want

  • IKTA

Learn something new

  • Win-Win Solutions

Achieving harmony

  • Be The Observer

Not the absorber

  • Reinforcement Skills

Rewards and Consequences

  • What's In It For YOU

That's right... 

  • The NOW Habit

The Reverse Calendar

  • Building Rapport

Power and influence

  • Law of Attracting

You get what you give

  • You Are Amazing

Affirming your day