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Nuts & Bolts

Experts Share Their Most Powerful Strategies for Peak Performance Featuring Denis Waitley & Jeff Gee. Imagine sitting down over a cup of coffee and having a frank discussion about business with one of America’s leading experts on the subject. Soak up the information, inspiration and insights from conversations with 14 experts.

 Mission Possible

Learn how to reach your potential from some of the world's most successful possibility thinkers. Frank and intimate interviews with men and women whose passion and determination have helped them reach the top! Featuring: Stephen R. Covey, Jeff Gee, and Brian Tracy. (Paperback - September 2006

Pillars of Success

A rare group of visionaries and achievers share their proven success principles. Featuring: Alexander Haig, Jr. Former Secretary of State. Pat Summitt, Winningest Coach in NCAA Basketball History. Jeff Gee, Professional Speaker, Author, Educator and Consultant. Jim Rohn, World Renowned Performance Consultant. (Paperback – March 2006)

Investing Time for Your Life

Stop Thinking - Start Living: Recognize your personal time bandits and create an action plan to begin utilizing your time to the fullest. By Jeff & Val Gee (Paperback - March 2002)


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