Sales Thru Service

We’ve been in Cairo, Egypt for ten days now. We launched our customer service seminar with the senior executives at CIB Bank. Over thirty senior staff at the Four Seasons Hotel overlooking the Nile and going through customer service training. Of course, at their level, their main job is not to actually greet and meet customers—their job is to support zone and branch managers in helping their staff to provide amazing customer service on the front line.

What we provide is a high level scope of the customer service process and key points that will create a culture of service. Even though senior execs are not on the front-line, if they understand the knowledgeskills, and competencies of customer service, they will filter down through their managers to the staff and to the customers.

Once senior executives know the vocational, practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific customer service competencies; they become the key-stones that help build a customer-centered culture. If the senior executives are not brought on board at the beginning of customer service training—it is difficult to build a customer-centered culture. Our training has specific goals of improving capabilitycapacity, productivity and performance at every level.

At the end of the two days, the executives worked on a “call to action plan.” Number one on their action plan was to provide Staff Development Training. Second, was to Recognize Best Staff and Share Success Stories. Third, was to provide a Customer Service Survey along with random phone calls to receive customer feedback.

Customer service training always comes down to communication, breaking down silos, cutting through red tape and accepting change. When the culture becomes one of sharing communication and knowledge, the customer always benefits. Not only that, the environment becomes healthy. A place that staff is happy to come into work, and where customers want to come and share their wealth.

As always, we feel a sense of great joy to be part of training any organization. To be part of educating employees to communicate with each other effectively and build a culture of service is amazing and we are always very thankful to be part of the process.