Take Action Please…

Take Action Right Now

We're having a business meeting in one of the most elegant downtown Chicago hotels. We beat the traffic and arrive early for breakfast and a cup of coffee. In fact, we're so early, we're the only ones in the restaurant.That's when we realize we need cash to tip the valet parking attendant. We need someone to take action, so we ask the waiter,

Take action and find out where your ATM machine is

Know where your ATM machine is

Is there an ATM close by?

Take Action and Don't Just Look

He smiles like he really wants to help and says,

I think there's one in the business office. Or it maybe it's downstairs at reception. I'm not sure.

Then he left—to chat with the other waitstaff who are also busy not being busy.

Now, let me ask you this? Wouldn't it be great if he had done one of the following customer service actions:

  • Found out if there was an ATM close by
  • Asked a co-worker or manager
  • Shared information wtih customer
  • Gone the extra mile and added real value to the service

Then he could come back and tell us exactly where the ATM machine is. And if he had, I'd be writing a different blog. It would be about a waiter who went above and beyond service to take action. Who added real value to the experience. Instead here's what happened next.

We're eating our toast when:

  • The same waiter came by to take our plates
  • Asked us if we were still eating and we said 'yes'
  • Another waiter came by to take our toast--which we were still eating

It's not a biggy, but we feel rushed. There's no one in the place except us. And they can't be bothered to take action and find out if there is an ATM close by? Shouldn't they already know where the cash machine is?  It feels like people don't care enough to take action in this most elegant and expensive hotel.

Today, whatever your job, whatever your level, take action right now. Deliver great customer service and make the experience the most wonderful for everyone concerned. Oh...and by the way...the What's in it for Me? (WIFM) is that it makes you feel great. When I take action, I go home at the end of the day feeling like I did a great job. I made a positive difference in someone's life, and that's what it's all about!

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