The Power of Intentions

When I was in my 20s, I started playing the “Get a rock star parking spot” game.  I would just know that I was going to get upfront parking, didn’t know how – didn’t matter. I just did it.

I then started playing a game with my kids (pre cell phone days) “You’re going to call me” and I’d put a time limit on it, maybe ½ hour.  They would call and report in.

Next came the “I’ll think of the answer by (insert time).” This, for some reason that I don’t understand, maybe it’s just allowing it to bubble up and surface, works the best if I don’t concentrate on it or even give it another thought. Typically, in the strangest of places the answer will come to me – totally out of the blue. Always. I named my son’s IT company this way, we thought about it for months and then, BAM – I had it.

Another favorite is “I will find (whatever) by, let’s say 6pm on Tuesday. Works like a charm. Once I found my keys in a shoe - in the time frame I had set.

Here’s the point – by firmly setting your intentions, I believe that your subconscious mind - which is by the way 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind - kicks into hyper solving mode. You just have to allow it to happen.

The mind takes direction very well, especially from its Master – you.  Just as effective, although not as desirable, are the undermining statements such as “I have a bad memory” or “I’m not good at (fill in the blank).”  Your subconscious says “Got it” and fulfills your commands.

The mind is a powerful thing to waste, and waste it we do. We are expert saboteurs telling ourselves about all the things we can’t do because we’re not thin enough, tall enough, smart enough – our astrological signs don’t line up and blah blah blah; all the reasons and excuses why not. And we believe them! The one and only thing that stops us is that we are not confident enough and our doubts outweigh our belief. Do you think Danny DeVito looked in the mirror years ago and thought “Movie Star”? The answer is Yes, and he went for it – you know the rest.

On the business side, I like to set my intentions for the coming week on Friday afternoon.  It can be anything, complete a project, close a client – doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I have a plan and my subconscious has all weekend to figure out how to make that happen.

So the short story is, whatever you believe is the truth and you can make it whatever you want. The only thing that limits you is you.

So have fun and have at it…

And if you’re waiting for a sign from the Universe this is it -