Our courses are designed to improve employee passion for what they do. After being in our transformational leadership courses, employees become engaged to want to learn. That’s how we maximize productivity and increase your bottom line.


“Once a human being has arrived on this earth, communication is the largest single factor determining what kinds of relationships he/she makes with others and what happens to him/her.” Virginia Satir, author of Peoplemaking. How you communicate with yourself and others affects everything in your life. From your body language to your appearance to your word choice, everything speaks to who you are, how you regard others and how others regard you. These transformational engaging courses guarantee to take communication skills to the next level.

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Customer Service

When asked about his worst customer experience, a Bank President said, “That woman was the worst!” He was so 'plugged in' he never steeped foot in the restaurant again. That one bad experience cost the fast food franchise a customer for life. And it gets worse. Research shows that between 250-500 potential customers learn about bad service from family, friends and co-workers.  The Bank President is still talking about the bad experience 10 years later! That’s the power one front line employee has. Most employees don’t understand as the face of the company they control the revenue span of customer.  We make sure people say great things about your company.

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Business Improv

And now for something totally different.Our transformational improv workshops build trust, support and innovative thinking. Using the “Yes, and…” philosophy participants learn how to embrace unwelcome change and create a willingness to move forward. This small phrase enhances communication skills and enhances collaboration between teams and across departments. From listening skills to conflict resolution and gaining buy-in for change, improvisation incorporates best practice skills that are 100% experiential and a lot of fun. Your people are going to love it.Pogo sticks not included

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Leadership Development

You can’t lead if nobody’s with you. It’s not enough to have a job title. You have to have among many things… a dream. Martin Luther King Jr.’s brilliance was his ability to engage and move people to action. Through his powerful communication skills, he inspired people to buy-in to his vision of the future and united a nation. Leaders must do the same. They need to create and maintain an environment that produces the optimum state of team collaboration and engagement. Our course gives leaders the tools to inspire their people to go the extra mile.

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Sales Development

They wanted to fire them. We made them their top produces. When a large Chicago based manufacturing company came to us and said we were their last hope, MJ Learning exceeded their expectations. We taught their Salespeople the skills to dramatically improve their closing percentages and surpass their quotas. After our courses, they were motivated and ready to close. They won, their company won and so did their customers. How assertively are your sales teams seeking new business opportunities? Are they getting and giving everything they can from their current customers? We take people from being complacent to being committed. Get driven now with any one of these courses.

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This is a 48 week folow-up reinforcement process designed to ensure that learning and best practices continue long after the training has been given. Life lab ensures that employees continue to use the tools, skills and strategies that they learned in our workshops. Each week, they receive amazing bite-sized pieces of information to help create an amazing life. The process also includes audio and a questionnaire after each Life Lab. This ensures that managers and supervisors can track the learning and build a high performing team that is continually building their skills.

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