Super Service

Our flagship course has been generating an enthusiastic, open and willing attitude resulting in a culture of excellence within organizations worldwide. Based on our book published by McGraw-Hill in 1991, Super Service has been translated into four languages and is now in its 2nd edition.  This course provides the tools, skills and competencies for every employee to provide excellent customer service to both internal and external customers. Time after time, Super Service improves not only customer loyalty and sales; it decreases employee absenteeism and attrition rates. Increase your bottom line with high levels of employee commitment. To read more download Super Service overview.

Handling Difficult Customers

Many of us have to deal with angry or unhappy clients as part of our roles, and it's never easy. But if we know what to say and, more importantly, how to say it, we may be able to save the situation. To read more download Handling Difficult Customers overview.